The Real Bangkok

The Secret Map

“You’ve not been to the real Bangkok unless you’ve been to a ping pong show.” So said a young German backpacker I found myself sitting next to in a hostel in Sukhamvit, Bangkok.

We were in a city of over 8 million people, with over 14 million in the surrounding area. An international business and commercial hub tracing back to the 15th century, with a grand palace and Buddhist temples arising throughout the old quarters and modern developments. The vast Chao Phraya river feeds from numerous canals running through the city like veins, close to towering hotels and immaculate, ritzy shopping malls that hover above mouth- watering street food stalls, tourists, and hustlers. There are fast talking tailors to pimps and sex workers to tuk tuk drivers, scantily-dressed masseuses and stalls catering to all your dildo-swinging, viagra-popping, hunting knife-wielding needs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Go Go bar workers get ready for a night of hosting in Sukhamvit’s Soi Cowboy.

Taking a walk…

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